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I Am Recovered: A Simple Story of Overcoming Addiction

#1 National Bestseller in FIVE Categories: Adult Christian Education, Christian Professional Growth, Men's Christian Living, New Age Self-Help & Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Create a long-term “high” and find yourself recovered.

What is the true purpose of self-help? We live in an era of self-help but we often forget the true purpose behind helping ourselves is more than just achieving our New Year's Resolutions or other personal goals.

Everyone has a unique and powerful story that they create daily. We can also play a pivotal role in the story of others. Recovered is the story of Todd Sylvester, a successful public motivational speaker, and what he has learned during the process of becoming recovered.

Dive into these honest and raw stories. In these pages, you will not only experience Todd’s journey through depression, addiction, and recovery. You will also follow him on his path of getting clean, finding a purpose in life, and realizing that there was never anything wrong with him. Discover the true, lasting purpose of self-help and embark on your own journey. No matter what your struggle may be or where you’re at, now is the perfect time to create a new path in your story.

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Recovered: An Uncommon Way of Overcoming Addiction, Workbook

“Addiction is your wake up call to your greatness.” - Todd Sylvester

RecoverED specialized program and workbook is designed to help you with a new way to view addiction and recovery. A breakthrough is a life-changing moment, filled with an almost immeasurable sense of power and possibility. And yet… it often arrives with a sense of calm and clarity. Because a breakthrough is the discovery of truth. Often, it’s the rediscovery of a truth that has merely been forgotten. For the past quarter of a century, Todd Sylvester has lived a life that is free from drugs and alcohol. He is RecoverED! He has helped others do the same. Through Todd’s experience with both addiction and sobriety, he has discovered truths that, if understood, are the keys to unlocking sobriety, releasing anxiety, and developing a deep, healthy love of one’s self. This workbook is a companion guide to the #1 National Bestselling book, I Am RecoverED: A Simple Story of Overcoming Addiction.

In this workbook you will discover:

  • Foundation Principles
  • Reshaping your Self-Image
  • Belief Systems
  • The Ultimate Power
  • 7 principles of ultimate life
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It's Time to Start Living: Understanding How Our Belief Systems Fuel Addictive Behavior

Todd is a Belief System Master. The purpose of this book is to ignite your imagination and motivate you to change your limiting beliefs. For the last 25 years, Todd has served as a Mentor & Personal Development Coach for those looking to get more out of life, move beyond limiting beliefs and overcome addictions. Todd is an experienced motivational speaker and has conducted over 500 speaking engagement at businesses, seminars, schools, churches and for youth groups. Todd currently works as an Addictive Voice Recognition Counselor at an addiction recovery treatment center for those struggling with with drug or alcohol addiction, where he provides one-on-one mentoring to both local and international clients. Described as having “a unique gift to develop trusting relationships quickly,” Todd has guided hundreds to sobriety and other behavioral successes through the individualized support he offers to each client. His ability to “speak to a person’s soul and help them find their true motive to change” has been the key for inspiring others to make permanent lifestyle changes.

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