Adversity is the wake-up call to your Greatness!

Todd serves as a formidable Mental Fitness Coach, specializing in assisting individuals wrestling with addiction, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, and more. He offers personalized mentoring services to clients, both locally and internationally.

Distinguished for his remarkable ability to establish trust quickly, Todd has guided numerous individuals on their path to recovery, rediscovering happiness, and achieving positive behavioral shifts. His unique gift lies in connecting deeply with individuals, helping them unearth their authentic motivations for change, and thus, becoming the catalyst for lasting lifestyle improvements.

Todd's profound influence on others finds its origins in his own personal journey — a transformation that carried him from self-hatred and despair to faith and recovery.

Transitioning from a belief of being broken to a profound understanding of his state as "Recovered," Todd draws on his personal journey through addiction. He forges authentic connections with thousands of teenagers, young adults, and parents, instilling hope within them.

In addition to his professional journey, Todd enjoys a joyful and active family life, having been happily married to his sweetheart for 31 years, sharing the joys of parenthood with four children, and relishing the blessings of two grandchildren.

I Am Recovered - Book

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  5. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Everyone has a unique and powerful story that they create daily. We can also play a pivotal role in the story of others. Recovered is the story of Todd Sylvester, a successful public motivational speaker, and what he has learned during the process of becoming recovered.

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