Thank you for your support and for believing in the possibility of being recovered. I once held the belief that I was broken and unworthy, thinking I could never overcome addiction. I now recognize that was a falsehood. My aim is to revolutionize the recovery culture on a global scale with the powerful belief system of being "Recovered." The most powerful principle on the planet is "If you want to be... give it away." We are committed to aiding those battling addiction and dedicating a portion of our proceeds to support this cause. Thank you for being here.

-Todd Sylvester

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Books by Todd Sylvester

Todd is a #1 National Bestseller Author in FIVE Amazon Categories: (1) Adult Christian Education, (2) Christian Professional Growth, (3) Men's Christian Living, (4) New Age Self-Help & (5) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

  • "I Am Recovered: A Simple Story of Overcoming Addiction"
  • "Recovered: An Uncommon Way of Overcoming Addiction, Workbook"
  • "It's Time to Start Living: Understanding How Our Belief Systems Fuel Addictive Behavior"
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Can I ever be recovered?

You can be RECOVERED! You are powerful beyond measure! You are a masterful creator! You have the dignity to choose! Choice is the ULTIMATE POWER because every time you choose, you create and, in that process, power is generated from within.

How can I start to improve?

Whatever attribute or feeling you want to obtain in this life… Give it away. This principle is known by all MASTERS and to become a Master I must be willing to SACRIFICE all. If you want happiness, you must give away happiness. If you want love, you must give away love. And if you want to inspire others, teach them the truth that... You are RECOVERED!

Does my behavior dictate my reality?

YES! What you say and believe dictate your behavior. Your behavior will be proof of the story you tell yourself!

The recovery culture gives you a hundred reasons to stay sick. But to combat this, you must give a thousand DEFINITIVE reasons in return that you are whole!

You were born with a HEART of a lion and you are choosing today to stop living as a mouse.

Can a morning routine change the course of my day?

YES! James Allen once said, “The man who gets up early in order to think and plan, that he may weigh and consider and forecast, will always MANIFEST greater skill and success in his particular pursuit than the man who lies in bed till the last moment, and only gets up just in time to begin breakfast.”